Christian Appalachian Project Case Study

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While being an intern at Christian Appalachian Project (CAP), I have had hands on experience writing press releases, being able to pitch a story, create images on Canva to be used on the Instagram page, and being a part of meetings that discuss detailed images of the Spring/Summer issue of the Mt. Spirit Magazine. (CAP) has shown me that even little detail matters even if it means changing the words “poor people” to “people in need” makes a big differences when describing the region of Appalachia. I think that the biggest event that resonates with me the most is that (CAP) helps people in need by having repairs done to their home, having a hunger walk, accepting kids into their week long summer program, having a food pantry and providing clothing.…show more content…
Being able to see their contributions to Camp Shawnee like the bunk beds and mattress in the camp, they built tables for the new Craft Room, and screening in the gazebo by the lake. Being with (CAP), I felt like my opinion mattered especially when it came down to social media, the Mt. Spirit magazine, creating images for Canva, and the weekly meeting with Mr. Clay, Mrs. Tina and I. (CAP) is an organization that is very friendly even with Mr. Guy Adams, the president and chief executive officer of CAP, Phyllis Caudill, the assistant vice president of philanthropy. Everyone that I have met at (CAP) has been so nice and accepting and willing to help me with anything. Mrs. Bryson has taught me so many lessons when it comes to public relations, especially when writing press release and learning various ways of writing a press release, even gaining the skill of turning an interview into a press release, being able to use BurrellesLuce, Canva, SmugMug, and creating a Media List, even when posting images on Instagram and the word usage. She made sure that I understood the basics of (CAP) and what they stand
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