Christian Athlete: A Short Story

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“You made the team!!”my mom told me with excitement in her voice. By now I’ve been playing lacrosse for over four years. Although this is my first time playing for F.C.A (Florida Christian athletes) and I was kind of nervous. Everyone was assuring me that I would be fine because of all the experiences I have. I have to admit, all of the nice thing that were said did feel a lot better and ready for practice tomorrow. It was a hot summer day and my first practice. As all of my teammates gathered in on the field we started to form a large passel I looked around to see if there was anyone that I knew. Sure enough there was not 1 familiar face and in the ample amount of boys on the field. It was indubitable that I was uncomfortable with being…show more content…
There was another practice on Thursday, but nothing special happened there, excepted are star midfielder Luke Jayne broke his right leg, an arm and his jaw in a car accident. “Well there goes are chance of winning any of our games this tournament” said pretty much our whole team. “We still have two weeks for practices before our Washington tournament, that’s a mass amount of time to get prepared” Coach Moe said. For the last week we have been practicing on teamwork and we have been running an abundance amount every day. Although we hate running it really help us get back into shape and our stamina. There is only 2 days till our big tournament and I think that we have a pretty good chance of all of the team we are competing against. “Come on your going to be late!” said my mom with such urge to leave the house and get to the field. “Mom we still have 5 hours till we have to be in DC” I said, and at this point I’m really annoyed with all of her nagging. “You’re on field 5” my mom said as we walked on the field. “At least your guys put up a good fight” my coach said at the end of the all of our games. It was pretty sad that we lost all of our games but at least I had fun trying something
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