Christian Church Dominance In Medieval Times

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The Christian church dominance was a massive part in the medieval times, it shaped the society. The church made the rules and influenced people to follow god. People who didn’t believe in god and followed other gods would have been converted or killed. The Christian church had the power, money and land, they dominated medieval Europe.
People who followed God
At the time all people followed god, including kings, nobbles/lords, knights and peasants. An average day person in this time period followed god because most people weren’t educated enough so the Christian church told them that it was better to follow god as they would go to heaven and have a good after life compared to being non-Christian and being told terrifying things waiting for them in hell in the weekly services. So people did this because it was the only source of information they had. A picture of a pilgrim’s mask
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People celebrated saint’s lives through festivals, games and feasts to remember them. It was a law for all people to pay 10% of the money they earned each year, as peasants had little money they would sometimes have to pay in seeds, harvested grains, animals etc. the Christian became very wealthy, as well as the church wouldn’t have to pay the tax. As a peasant, they would work on the church land for free because the church owned the land and peasants had no say because they weren’t a higher enough status. Nobbles/lords would have to still follow the law which is the law of being Christian, consequences were to be made if they were found following a different God. Everyone would all have to do the same amount of things but peasants would have to make a bigger effort to the Christian
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