Christian College Student Case Study

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I hear that your patient has entered a transitional period in his life. We must use this to our advantage. I understand your concern of the fact that he is now enrolled in a Christian college (in fact the Harvard of Christian colleges) in preparation to become combatants dangerous to our work. But do not fret, for it is more common than you think for students at colleges such as these to be swayed and lose their efficacy. The first step is to discourage the patient. Encourage him to have certain expectations of the institution such as the idea that he will always feel the presence of his creator or that maintaining his relationship with Him will require less effort than back home. Then while his guard is down strike him with a heavy wave of worries and concerns of the new environment regarding school work, migrating into a new community,…show more content…
Mix this with his exhaustion and he will always be searching for ways to distract himself from his duties. Persuade him to search for rest and regeneration in the internet, movies, video games, music and other methods of entertainment. Anything that will keep his mind and life idle prohibiting development and most of all connection with the Enemy. The amusing thing about this is that your patient doesn’t even find pleasure in these forms of entertainment and yet he will not be able to resist engaging in these activities so long as they distract him from the noise. Keep him in these behaviors long into the night until he can no longer keep his eyes open. Once he finally lays down in his bed without anything to distract him allow the noise to strike again. Let the realization of the wasteful use of his time sink in and keep him dreading even later into the night causing minimal hours of sleep and even more exhaustion the following day. Thus we have a beautiful self-fulfilling cycle that will send him spiraling down in to a futile life full of

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