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McMinn Book Review on Christian Counseling Tammy Martin Liberty University McMinn Book Review on Christian Counseling Summary The book that was written by Mark McMinn entitles “Psychology, Theology, and Spiritualty in Christian Counseling” explains the integration of Christianity to counseling. McMinn first begins by explaining some issues or concerns that a Christian counselor may face. The first concern is the client and how he or she may perceive the combination of religion and counseling. He introduces the scenarios that different counselors may present to the client. These can be anything from counselor’s personal opinion to almost a judgmental atmosphere for the client (McMinn, 2011). He also…show more content…
One of the issues that is discussed is how Christian counseling is viewed, and how it will continue to be viewed. Each client should be given the right to choose the aspects of Christianity in counseling, and this begins with the informed consent to incorporate prayer and scripture into the sessions. Also a concern for Christian counselors is if the public views this type of counseling as a legitimate form of counseling, especially in the secular areas. It is very important that the client be made aware of the methods that are used, and how they are incorporated with spiritual methods (McMinn,…show more content…
As a client matures he or she may carry past experiences or emotions throughout life. This can lead to actions that may stem from past experiences, and lead to desirable or undesirable behavior towards others. The past often plays a role in the future of a client (McMinn, 2011). If clients experience positive experience in life such as acceptance, appreciation, or love, the client is more likely to provide those same experiences to themselves and others later on. An additional scenario that was interesting was the story of Adler and the client that gained courage to live through the kindness of Adler (McMinn, 2011). However, this situation could be daunting. It would take a counselor with patience and persistence. This method of treatment is interesting because it utilizes meekness and understanding instead of confrontation to change how the client views the counselor or himself or herself (McMinn, 2011). The most interesting point is how the bible can be the book to provide help for all of life’s problems, concerns, and how it can be used as a life manual to guide the client in the ways he or she needs to go, or solutions to life’s problems. Scriptures can provide help, hope, guidance, and love to a client that may be in need of any of these (McMinn,
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