Christian Counselor Ethics Case Study

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• The first ethical red flag that went up as I was reading scenario 2 was the “Do No Harm.” Instead of embracing this person with the love of Christ, the counsel refuses to see him, due to his religious beliefs, claiming that he is a Christian counselor and that the client is not a Christian. Which could also be interpreted as discrimination.
• The counselor acted unethical when he judged the man by his denomination and refused service to him. o 1-101 affirming the God-Given Dignity of All Persons. The counselor showed unethical practice by refusing service to the client. According to, (Clinton, Ohlschlager, & American Association of Christian Counselors, 2002, p. 257) o 1-550 Working with Persons of Different Faiths, Religions, and Values.
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• It is obvious that the counselor had not dealt with this issue before and is in conflict with those of different faith and religious beliefs, so it would have been best for the counselor to refer the client to a more competent colleague or supervisor, to avoid the ethical
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265) o 1-111 Managing /client Conflicts (Clinton, Ohlschlager, & American Association of Christian Counselors, 2002, p. 258).
• The next steps the counselor should take is to pray for the client, self and for direction. Ask the client if he would like to continue with them or would they like to see someone else. If the client wants to continue treatment with the counselor, then they will have to construct a treatment plan: Clinton, Ohlschlager, & American Association of Christian Counselors, 2002, pp. 69-70) o Pray and invite Jesus into the session, with the help and guidance of The Holy Spirit, the client and the counselor can create a treatment
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