Christian Culture Case Study

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Christian culture is placed within public culture. Issues of the public sphere affect and shape congregational life (Chung; vii; 2012). The church is witness for the plans that God has for us as a universe. We as the church culture should talk about public issues and not just about what the universal culture wants to hear. This viewpoint then marks the church as the community for communion, fellowship and missions. Now a days the public is so multi-cultural and multi-religious (Chung; vii; 2012) that there is so many different thoughts and different views of what the wrong and right answer should be. Christians face that challenge every day. Where are we, what are we and what do we need to do as Christians, as followers of God?
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(Christ against culture). Christ is also not accommodated to culture, culture is subordinated to Christ (Naugle; 2010). Christ is not placed above culture, culture is grounded in Christ. Christ is also not beside culture, but located at the centre within Christ (Naugle; 2010). In Christ transforming culture is not optimistic and also not pessimistic, but it is realistic (Naugle; 2010). This point of view identify the influence of sin, but sees that the power of the Kingdom is greater. The Church of the community of Christians exists to glorify God on earth by telling all people of the purpose that God has for us and as a culture standing together. We as Christians should talk about public issues and also address them and speak out the truth (Koopman; pg.…show more content…
We need to act as believers and not for a motive of gaining something, but act because of resurrection of Jesus Christ (Smith). Followers of Christ believe in the faithfulness of Christ in order to transform culture, the Holy Spirit that will change our minds and work in and through our boundaries (Niebuhr; 241).

In Numbers 13:30 we see where Joshua and Caleb were the ones that said “We should by all means go up and take possession of it, for we shall surely overcome it”. They knew God could do it, so this should be our hope as well as Christ as the transformer. Where the others came back with negativity and said that Israel would win for they are stronger.

Christian Theology is Public theology, this is the Kingdom of God. So for us as Christians we are the Kingdom of God and we life in the Kingdom of God and therefore we need to engage with political, cultural, educational and economical spheres of life
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