Christian Dior Case Study

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Christian Dior’s decision to use celebrity endorsements to promote the Christian Dior brand.
1. The decision to use celebrity endorsement to promote the Christian Dior Brand, its Pros, and Cons. Celebrity endorsement or testimonials is so far the most used advertisement method by well known top producers in all fields. A celebrity is usually used in the promotion of things ranging from foodstuffs, cars, sportswear, shoes, clothes and so on, the baseline is, celebrity endorsement beats all the other methods when it comes to making a product look appealing in the eyes of the many celebrity followers. There is always this urge to look like your favorite, actor, actress, sportsman, media personality or the models gracing magazines. And the closest people can get to that is through purchasing things similar to the ones the celebrity has (Kaser, 2012)1.
This is the exact method applied by Christian Dior when they decided to pick Sharon Stone as their face of Christian Dior brand. The fact that this beauty related products brand needed a face to prove its effectiveness made Sharon Stone a suitable candidate because of her unbelievable flawless look in her forties. Most people, especially the female population will always look for ways to make their appearances as younger as possible. The effectiveness of celebrity endorsement will always depend on not only the beauty of the celebrity advertising it but how popular she is (Lamb, Hair, McDaniel, 2011)2. This was nailed on the head
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