Christian Mysticism In St. Teresa Of Avila

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In one of the most compelling pieces of Christian mysticism, St. Teresa of Avila brings the reader on a journey through the seven mansions of her soul in which she titles as the Interior Castle. Teresa wrote this mystical text in 1577 as a guide to her fellow nuns in hopes to bring them closer to God through prayer as she has. As fascinating as the journey through the mansions of St. Teresa’s soul, what is even more interesting today is how Teresa continuously balances her own authority as a writer and expert on spiritual matters with her continuously insisting on her lack of knowledge on the subject of mysticism. For instance, in one case she states, “It may even be that everything I say is confused: that, at least is what I’m afraid of”. (52) It may be through this constant self-correction would undermine her project, however, it does not. In fact, the self-correction makes her journey even more credible. Through her constant humility, Teresa balances her authority as a writer and expert on spiritual matters by constantly being humble about her knowledge of Christian mysticism. Through constantly bringing up her uncertainty and lack of knowledge about Christian mysticism, Teresa balances her authority as a writer and an expert on spiritual matters. It seems as though Teresa cannot go a chapter without bringing up her doubts on this difficult topic. She starts off the book with her lack of strength by stating: While I was beseeching Our Lord to-day that He would speak
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