Christian-Principle-Based Ethics Of Torture

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Torture, though it may never have a solid answer, is at times justified through morals or thought to be necessary. As a form of capital punishment, persecution is wrong because each human being not only has rights, but is unique and precious. In the perspective that cruelty happening to save the lives of other human beings, the question of whether torture is acceptable then is raised. The topic of torture can be seen in many various perspectives, but four of those include utilitarianism, Kantian duty-based ethics, virtue ethics, and Christian-principle based ethics. From the outlook of utilitarianism, this torture would be ethically and morally appropriate, because this would save many lives of other people. According to Arthur…show more content…
Persecuting other human beings is seen as fulfilling a duty and as a vindicated right. An example of torture is found in the Old Testament of adultery. Back during that time period, if a woman was found in the act of adultery, she would be brought in the middle of the town and stoned, because this was considered the duty of the Pharisees.

In the issue of torture, one who lives with virtue ethics would be justified if he is fighting for a cause, such as his country or culture. While virtue ethics has a very similar approach to Kantian duty-based ethics, virtue ethics focuses on more on one’s feelings instead of motives. While one may enjoy the cause he is fighting for, the torture would be for personal gain.

From a Christian-principle based perspective, God can use anything, including torture, for His glory and to bring honor to His name, but torture in of itself does not reflect the image of Christ. As believers in Christ, Christians are called to show the love of Jesus to everyone around them, and torturing other people does not reflect that affection. Although the Bible does not speak specifically on the issue of torture, followers of Jesus are called to love one another. In my opinion, Christian-principle based ethics is the route that should be taken. Instead of torture, people should take care of and love one another, as Christ loved
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