Christian Rap Research Paper

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There are all kinds of different genres of music, whether it be Christian, Rock, Rap, or Opera. All cultures around the world have traces of music because it is a part of the human instinct. For me, Christian rap is my favorite genre of music to listen to for many different reasons. Lecrae is by far my favorite rapper because of his outlook and purpose of his songs. Christian rap is starting to become a trend nowadays to most Christians. However, Christian rap didn’t just come out of nowhere, it was formed from earlier music from a particular genre. There are many different genres that influenced the overall genre of Christian music to help it become the start of one of the most famous genres of this world. Christian music was thought to be…show more content…
There is only one however that I believe is the best and that is Christian rap. Christian rap didn’t really become famous until the late 90’s though after the generation started wanting something more from music artist. Lecrae has hit the top charts in Christian music for years now, and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Lecrae quoted “I’ve learned to stay close to my source of significance and to my source of worth – and that is God.” (Lecrae). He talks about his life problems and struggles throughout his life, but he also talks about how he overcomes the trials of life that he faces throughout his songs. He believes that Christianity is truly not a genre, but rather a faith. Lecrae’s unique story is encouraging to all people that dreams can come true. Currently on a nationwide tour titled for his album Anomaly, Lecrae is accomplishing his humble goal realized back when performing for juveniles at the detention center. It’s already been a long road for this talented artist and yet in many ways, he’s just getting started. Today Contemporary Christian Music has morphed into many subgenres, including Christian rock, Christian hardcore, Christian metal, Christian instrumental, Christian jazz, and Christian reggae (Nickens). Today’s music has come a long way throughout the years and this is only the beginning to so much
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