Christian Symbolism In Lord Of The Flies

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The other way the Lord of the Flies symbolizes Satan is the fact that he speaks to Simon alone. In the novel, the Lord of the Flies only speaks to Simon and Simon alone. The Lord of the Flies confirms this solitude by saying “There is not anyone here to help you. Only me. And I am the beast” (Golding 143). The reason that the Lord of the Flies speaking to Simon alone represents Christianity is because of Jesus. If Simon is really symbolized as Jesus Christ, and if the Lord of the Flies represents Satan then this is a huge deal. In the Christian bible, Jesus went into the wilderness to fast for forty days and forty nights. In those forty days and nights, Jesus is tempted by the devil. (King James Bible, Matt. 4.1-11). The entire scene of the Lord of the…show more content…
Both stories they are spoken to alone and vulnerable by Satan. The only difference between of Jesus’ story and Simon’s is that Simon falls for Satan’s temptations. The Lord of the Flies tempts Simon to go back to his friends by saying “you had better run off and play with the others” (Golding 143). This encouragement and temptation by the devil lead Simon to his ultimate demise. He returned to his friends to find them encircling and killing him; blinded by the ruthless and savage sin the Lord of the Flies had bestowed upon the island. Yet, this brings up another symbolism to Christianity; the island. The island symbolizes the Garden of Eden from the time of Adam and Eve. Before the boys arrived, the island was an untouched, prefect paradise, much like the Garden of Eden. Golding descriptively tells the reader about the island. He paints
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