Christian Theism Vs Naturalism

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Which two worldviews you have learned about are most at odds with one another? Why?
In my opinion I feel that the two worldviews that I have learned that are most at odds with one another are Christian theism and Naturalism. In defining these I will be using five points as follows in my own words.
-Christian theism- believes that God is the creator of the universe and living beings on Earth.
-Naturalism- believes there is no God. Living being’s existence. Most do not understand where they come from and are still trying to find out.
-Christian theism- God created us in his image he gave us the ability to understand what is right from wrong.
-Naturalism- believes we are machines. Deals more on our personality and make up as an unexplained source.
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-Naturalism- is that you can do anything you want by making your own choices. no right or wrong.
-Christian theism- when we pass on we will enter the realm of God for eternity.
-Naturalism – believes when we pass on we will not exist anymore.
-Christian theism- Universe is an open system that God has control over and takes care of always.
-Naturalism – Is a closed system nothing changes.
Christian theism and Naturalism worldviews, I feel are the most at odds with one another. A good example, is the younger generation seems to be developing a worldview of naturalism in thinking they can do and say whatever they please and justify it by, expressing they just exist and there is no God. This is having no morals for anything but themselves. The Christian worldview to me is the existence of God from the beginning to the end. This holds a willingness to help others and
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