Christian Themes And Values Of Dante And Dante's Inferno

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Fenwick High School is a Christian institution; Dante is a Christian writer and reflects the views of the faith in his work. The Inferno deals with Christian themes and values, including Heaven and Hell. In addition, getting to Heaven by living a prosperous life and helping everyone in all aspects of life are also themes. Even with The Inferno's darkness and despair, the inner messages still are similar to the Fenwick Inclusion Statement. The Fenwick Inclusion Statement explains that in our Christian education, together without discrimination, we can achieve our goals. The Inferno shows that people can achieve their goals as well; the ultimate goal of Heaven. The Inclusion Statement shows that everyone will have an equal opportunity to learn in the tradition of Saint Dominic. "Fenwick High School continues the great Dominican tradition of inclusion and welcome for the common good," (Inclusion Statement) and also pledges that "no one will face discrimination based on race,…show more content…
Heaven is the goal of all Christians, since when we want to live at peace with God and not suffer for eternity in Hell. The Inferno shows a man's quest to get to Heaven, while the Inclusion Statement shows how an inclusive education begins the process of going to Heaven. The Inclusion Statement says, "all people are called to the same eternal destiny in the Kingdom of God," (Inclusion Statement), which shows that no matter who you are, you can get into Heaven. The Inferno shows getting into Heaven through the journey of Dante, making up for what he has done wrong and working his way to Heaven. Sin can get in the way of this journey, like the she-wolf of self-restraint, "the beast pursued, forcing herself against me bit by bit till I slid back into the sunless wood," (Dante, 33 58-60). When faced with the temptation to sin, one has to keep going and, like Dante, make it to
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