Christian University Reflection

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Session 1 Reflection

The choice to attend Colorado Christian University (CCU) has been a huge mental debate

for me. In high school I was always very into business classes, the why and how a business

functions, which lead to me earning my Associates Degree in business in August 2007 from

Lamar Community College (LCC). I unfortunately have not had the opportunity to put that

degree to much use. This lead me to the debate of a career change. With the influence of teaching

children’s church I have decided to go back to college and earn a Early Childhood Education

degree to hopefully teach preschool.

While attending LCC I found myself drifting from my faith, I was no longer attending

church every Sunday and when I did go I found my mind drifting during the message.
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Their biggest fears were (a) was this too much for me to handle at this point

in my life and (b) me moving away from home. After explaining that I have 100% faith that God

will get me through this no matter how many obstacles jump out at me, and I can start out online

and work my way up to moving in a couple years, they became more ok with the idea. My

friends on the other hand have been a different story; I have chosen to keep my new journey a

secret from most of them. The few close friends I have told are very supportive and encouraging

to my success.

Having all those closest to me in support of my decision has been amazing. All their

encouraging words and wisdom has been overwhelming, but at the same time is a huge part of

my driving force to succeed. I look forward to the challenges ahead of me in this new journey at

CCU. I know life isn’t always easy but that is not in God’s promise, He only promises that our

journeys will be worth the wait and struggles in the end. Knowing that God is always on my side

is such an amazing feeling and I am excited to say that my heart is once again on fire for Jesus

right along with my students
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