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Christian view on Suicide Today in the USA vs Roman Perspective on Suicide during the Roman Empire Suicide is an extremely controversial topic that disputes over people taking away their own life. Is suicide acceptable in society or not? What if the person if suffering greatly or is fated to suffer? What if performing suicide saves them from even worse tortures? These questions are truly debatable and cause people to have different aspects of the subject. Some people think that it is a way to save human beings, and others believe that it is an absolutely grievous sin. This method of death has been practiced during the Roman Empire, and it is still used today in the United States of America. Perspectives such as modern day Christians and people of the Roman empire are quite contrasting, but they do have a few correlations. Today, Christians ' view on suicide is characterized by the causes, methods, and attitude towards the subject. The majority of people who choose to take their own life usually have bipolar disorder, depression, stress, financial issues, or relationship problems ( think that it will all be better when their life doesn 't exist. These human beings that have such concerns choose to get away from them with certain methods. In the United States of…show more content…
As one can see, suicide has many different and similar aspects between the current era and the Roman Empire era. Both time periods ' causes of suicide somehow relate to someone suffering emotional pain. People of each era commit suicide to stop from further pain. Poisoning is a correlation, but firearms and suffocation are different from the Roman types. In addition, today 's Christians thinks it is unacceptable unlike the Romans who though of suicide as an honorable death. Relying on causes, methods, and attitude towards suicide, one can tell that Christianity 's current outlook on suicide is comparable and contrastable with the Roman Empire 's viewpoint of this

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