Christian Worldview: Ethics Case Study

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Benchmark Assignment: Ethical Dilemmas Ethics are a key component of one’s worldview, and they guide moral behavior. (Hiles & Smith, 2014) For some worldviews, ethics are a matter of personal interpretations. However, for those who have a Christian Worldview, what is determined as ethical has been set by God and are not up for personal interpretation. (Stefan, 2008) The choices made during an ethical dilemma can have minor to severe consequences, as well as impact one’s worldview. In this paper, I will examine the ethical dilemma of a mother’s decision to abort her baby with Down syndrome according to a Christian Worldview, and include resolutions, evaluations, and a comparison to an Atheistic Worldview. Ethical Dilemma In this case, Susan has been trying to conceive a baby for many years. She finally gets pregnant, only to receive the results of a blood test,…show more content…
However, with humanity, and varying worldviews, the life of a child with a disability can be seen as replaceable. (DeMarco, 2014) In this paper, we discussed the core beliefs of the Christian worldview, stating that God created life to be valued and cared for. “Thou shall not kill,” (Exodus) is a command from God as to our duty to people. Abiding by the Christian worldview and the teachings of Jesus, my resolutions for Susan’s ethical dilemma is to preserve life, either by allowing the child to be adopted or for Susan, to rise to the challenge with faith and experience the blessing of being a parent. The consequences endured when making the Christian choice are still full of blessings and uphold the moral absolutes set by God. As a Christian, I cannot entertain the ideas of an Atheistic worldview, especially the philosophy of human life. I am confident in my beliefs and what God has done through Jesus Christ. If given the opportunity to parent a child with Down’s syndrome, I would face this challenge with my faith and support from the body of
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