Christian Worldview In Education

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“Every story is informed by a worldview” (Godawa). A worldview is basically how one sees the world based on their own perceptions. However, a biblical worldview is not based upon any beliefs and values. A biblical worldview is defined as a framework of ideas that are in the scripture. Keith Druly defined a worldview as “a particular bias in our presuppositions that influences how you look at the world and what we see or expect to see” (Druly). I can agree that I am biased when it comes to my Christian worldview, but it has shaped me to be the person I am today. Although, I did not grow up with the strong “core theology” of a Christian worldview in the world. I do believe that there can be supernatural explanations for things and…show more content…
Might not follow in Nash’s short list that comprises the Christian worldview. Although, my Christian worldview is based on my calling from God. I grew up learning facts in public schools and religion in a Catholic Church. I separated my life into two different environments, but only following one God. I believe in God, humanity, metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics. Though, my worldview on education includes numerous elements beyond the core elements of the Christian worldview. Where a child gets their education to me is black and white. Either you go to a public school, private Christian school or are homeschooled. Neither one is correct and that doesn’t change anything about that child. Their religion is not being jeopardized by not going to a religious school. At the end of the day, no school or church will jeopardize one’s faith. The only person who can is that person. My Christian worldview on education is that the word of God can be expressed whatever institution a child goes too. Kids might not get the chance to go to a Christian school because it's too expensive. That doesn’t mean their faith isn’t important to them. I believe as Christian that God created us to learn his word, but more importantly follow his word. As long as we’re following his word, it doesn’t matter what institution we
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