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Benchmark Assignment: Gospel Essentials The Christian worldview is a complex idea that covers several topics and splits off into various subcategories. The foremost viewpoints of Christians are their belief in God, Jesus, and the Trinity. Christians believe that human nature plays a significant role in their lives and the struggles all humans have. Jesus was trying to accomplish the restoration of the fallen world, and Christians draw on the teachings of Jesus today. This reflects a large portion of Christian worldview beliefs. This paper will attempt to explain Jesus, God, Humanity and the Restoration from the perspective of the Christian worldview, as well as analyzes the writer’s thoughts and reflect on her own beliefs. God Christians…show more content…
Jesus was also God. Matthew 1:21 states that Mary would have a child she was to call Jesus “because he will save his people from their sins.” He was a prophet and a teacher and he performed miracles. These miracles consisted of raising the dead. This fact shows he was also God since only God can raise the dead. Jesus’ other miracles included making blind people see, curing people with leprosy, turning water into wine, and several others. Jesus taught people to adhere to the commandments and to love one another no matter if they were a sinner or a righteous man. Jesus preached the word of God to his people in the form of parables. He gathered his disciples together to help him preach the word of God and convert people to Christianity. Jesus is different from other humans for the reason that he never sinned. He never sinned because he was God’s son sent to sacrifice himself for the sins of humans. During Jesus’ life, non-Christians became upset with him for preaching that he was the Messiah. Pilate charged Jesus with blasphemy and sentenced him to hang on the cross until death. The Romans whipped and tortured Jesus and he had to carry his cross to Golgotha (Renan, 1864), where he was nailed down to it and then it was raised. After he died, the Romans removed Jesus’ body from the cross and allowed the Jews to bury him in a tomb. After three days, his body had vanished and he appeared before his disciples as proof of his resurrection. Jesus’…show more content…
They believe in God as the creator of earth and humans, and God’s forgiveness of humans through the death of His son Jesus Christ. They believe in the Messiah Jesus Christ who died for their sins and through him, all will be become right with God. Humanity’s downfall was when Adam and Eve chose to defy God therefore bringing evil into the world. Finally yet importantly, they believe in The Restoration, which will bring people to the kingdom of Heaven, if they believe in Jesus and ask for forgiveness of their sins, upon their

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