Christian Worldviews

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We are given a mandate as Christians to “go into all the nations and preach the word… If we have a Christian worldview we should also have a heart to fulfil the mandate and spread God’s word to a hurt and dying world. We must use philosophical reasoning based on the Scriptures at all times not just with believers. I, for one, cannot separate my love of talking about and sharing God’s word/love into two categories, believers and non-believers. The believer already knows God’s word and therefore Christ’s mandate is obviously for us as believers to spread the word to non-believers. By having a Christian worldview we as believers have a unique methodology towards philosophy. This methodology is unique because we must have faith that the Bible is…show more content…
Science has changed its stance on ideas because mistakes are possible; history has been twisted to suit personal views; and traditions and experiences are not reliable sources for accurate information. The only final truth is God’s word expressed in the Bible and through personal revelation. God’s word is all truth. The Bible’s truths can be tested and verified through historical documentation. Christian beliefs are based on the inspired word of God through the Bible and through God’s revelation to his believers. We use these sources of information, apply a philosophical mindset and create our Christian worldview. Therefore, we are not asking the non-believer to accept our philosophy as truth by exposing them to blind faith. Instead we are showing them reasonable faith because God has shown himself faithful to reveal truth. Is it not true, that the lost, even without realizing it, are searching for the true meaning of life? When they begin to ask questions to find the answers, and if they are truly seeking the truth, they are lead eventually to the Bible and Jesus. The Bible answers the philological questions to life’s meaning far better than any other worldview. It is much more believable to believe in a God of order and a Creator than to believe in Darwin’s theory of spontaneous
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