Comparison And Contrast Of Buddhism And Christianity

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Comparison and Contrast of Buddhism and Christianity
Buddhism and Christianity are religions that have similarities and differences. Although they were developed on separate parts of the world, they were both had prominent influences on peoples values and attitudes. The comparison of Buddhism and Christianity shows many similarities and differences in their origin, salvation, prayer, scriptural guidelines, worship, but ultimately they both showed people peace around the world.
The origination of Buddhism and Christianity came into existences after older faiths of Hinduism and Judaism, and as a response to the needs of people during that time. Jesus was born around 4 B.C.E. and was the leader of Christianity. The leader of Buddhism, Buddha, was born around 560 B.C.E. Jesus and Buddha were both leaders (S, 2004), who were influential because they were the ones that went out to communities to preach the peace of their religion.
Salvation was preached by both Buddha and Jesus. Buddha was born into an upper class family in India. Buddha was inspired after sitting under a fig tree one day meditating, he experienced a revelation of 'truth', and after that he spent years
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The Buddha is known for teaching a course to enlightenment and peace which involves Four Noble Truths: that each one life is suffering which comes from tanha, or desire and attachment to this world, destruction of suffering comes from desire; and the way to this is through an Eightfold path. Christians draw their pointers from both the old testament and the new testament of the bible. Many of these teachings from both the scriptures of the Buddha and Christ reflect one another, such as when Jesus instructed, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:40 (NIV), the Buddhist scripture called samyutta nikaya says “a state that is not pleasing or delightful to me, how could I inflict that upon another?” (v.
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