Christianity: Christianity And The Beliefs Of Christianity

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Christianity is the belief that Jesus Christ died for our sins and God is the creator of life. The Bible belt is located in the south where strict fundamentalist Christians dominate life. Many beliefs of Christianity have been confused or misunderstood in some parts of the bible that they preach over Sundays, Wednesday nights, and even on some occasions Saturdays. Most verses in the bible that have been misunderstood include, gays and lesbians, judgement, love, and overall God. Studying such a powerful book such as “The Bible” would give a person such wisdom and love, but with Religious hate crimes on the rise it almost makes people curious what is being taught in the churches. Furthermore, what these people truly believe in is no more than taught lessons, referring to as they are taught to only believe the Christian faith with no choice or knowledge of other religions, growing to believe Christianity is the only religion that is true. That goes into another topic of discussion, Parents force their religious opinions on their children and they are labeled with their families’ religion. Most parents do not teach their children about other religion, only the religion they believe in. belief of Christianity has been sinned, taught with inclusion to others, and have made living in the Bible Belt scary. Christianity is the world’s largest religion, with over two billion believers in this faith tradition, it is a religion recognized all over the world. Faith being referred to the
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