Christianity In Lord Of The Flies

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Thesis: Lord of the Flies’ uses characters and places in the novel to symbolize Christianity.
I. Simon symbolizes two Christ-like figures from the Bible.
A. Simon is portrayed as Moses.
1. “When Moses descended the mountain, he found his people had made an idol of gold shaped as a calf and were dancing and partying around the calf” (Wilson 179).
2. Just like when Moses descended the mountain, Simon also found his friends dancing to rituals.
B. Not only did he symbolize Moses, but he also symbolized Jesus Christ through his departure to solitude.
1. Jesus often wished to “withdraw himself into the wilderness” in much of the Bible (Wilson 181).
2. Simon also is drawn into the wilderness to be alone.
C. However, Simon’s death is also symbolic of Jesus’ sacrifice
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Golding wanted to symbolize Satan in the novel through the literal meaning of their names.
B. The Lord of the Flies portrays himself as the origination of original sin and evilness.
1. The Lord of the Flies states “You knew didn’t you? I’m part of you? Close, close, close!” (Golding 143).
2. This statements is evidence that Simon had begun to be corrupted by the devil’s sin and evilness.
C. The Lord of the Flies speaks to Simon alone.
1. The Lord of the Flies says “There is not anyone here to help you. Only me. And I am the beast” (Golding 143).
2. When Jesus went into the wilderness to fast, he was spoken to by the devil alone just as Simon had been spoken to by the Lord of the Flies. III. The island symbolizes the Garden of Eden from the time of Adam and Eve.
A. Before the boys arrived, the island was an untouched, prefect paradise.
1. This analysis states that “The children are provided with whatever they needed for their sustenance” (Wilson 180).
2. Like the boy’s island, the Garden of Eden provided everything to them.
B. The boys began to be corrupted by their sin.
1. This journal explains the destruction of the paradise as “They pollute, violate and finally destroy it by fire” (Vuuren
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