Christianity In Oranges

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Christianity, in all aspects, is a pervasive theme that drives the plot and aids our understanding of Oranges are not the only fruit. Without the religious themes and ideas presented throughout the novel, almost all conflict would cease to arise. Jeanette is raised by her mother, who is part of the Pentecostal Christian denomination, but when her family and the church find out about the unnatural passions Jeanette feels she becomes ostracized and eventually forced out of her home. The first indication of Christianity as a theme within Oranges are not the only fruit is in the table of contents. The eight chapters in the table of contents are named after the first eight books in the Old Testament. Jeanette’s life story is compared to the laws…show more content…
It is within this book that the people of Israel are taught how and what to think of many different aspects of their lives. In Oranges are not the only fruit we see that Jeanette has been given rules and told how to live her life by her mother, and up until now has strictly obeyed. During the beginning when her mother hears her neighbors having sex Jeanette isn’t able to understand what is really happening but due to her mother’s reaction, she is sure that it is sinful. Later in the chapter, a sermon is held in her town, which is where Jeanette’s Leviticus begins to differ. The pastor speaks on perfection, which man was, flawless, before the original sin. Jeanette finds herself questioning what the pastor said and ends up realizing that she doesn’t agree. A fantasy story is then told of a prince who is in search of the perfect wife. He searches all over to find a woman he deems as flawless, his own idea of perfection, and when he believes he has found her she will not marry him. The woman reveals that perfection is not from without flaws but from balancing all of one’s character. Jeanette’s disagreement and the fantasy both signal the decline in the steadfast and wholehearted worshiping of her mother’s and the church’s
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