Christianity In The Roman Empire Essay

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Even though Christians were persecuted on and off during the Roman Empire, Christianity flourished. In the early Roman Empire, when Claudius, Nero, Domitian, and Trajan were emperors, Christianity was banned and Christians were persecuted. Nevertheless, Christians found ways to spread Christianity, and many people converted. As trials occurred and the Empire lost good leaders, the people took security in Christianity and other religions. Christianity grew during the Roman Empire because Constantine helped create the Edict of Milan, Constantine had imperial favor toward The Church, and there was trade routes to spread Christianity to different areas. Once Constantine became Emperor, he created freedom of Religion. Constantine was an influential role in the proclamation of the Edict of Milan, partially because he had converted to Christianity a year before the Edict of Milan was signed and agreed to. The Edict of Milan was a document, created in 313, that granted tolerance toward Christianity. The document had benefits for Christians, which legalized their…show more content…
Roads allowed Christians spread the Gospel to other areas safely. Traveling was relatively easy, but slow. A well known prophet in this time, who took advantage of the roads and sailing routes is Paul. Paul's hometown was Rome, but because of these routes that were safe to travel, he had many expeditions, the farthest of which lead to Jerusalem, which is approximately 1434 miles (or about 2308 km). Paul and many other prophets were able to spread the Gospel, which lead to the increase of Christians in the Roman Empire. People were willing to accept Christianity when these prophets came to them, because the decline of power and morals in the empire made people want something that provided a religious system and hope, especially for the oppressed lower
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