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Christina Funk, junior, established a new organization that will benefit incoming freshman and returning students in their academics, student involvement, and social life. Funk’s organization, Students4Students was created in the beginning of August and has already over 50 official members in this organization. Students4Students consist of mentors known as Wolves and mentees known was Pups. Mentors must have attended University of West Georgia for a least a year and obtain a 2.7 GPA or higher. Most mentees are freshman who would like guidance during their first year of college.

As a freshman, the business major described herself as an introvert and nervous about the transition to college. Instead of enjoying her weekends with new friends, she spent her weekends at home. Eventually, Christina Funk began to associate herself with an upperclassman. “I actually found an accounting major that was a junior when I was a freshman. Anytime I had questions, he would help me”, Christina said. This upperclassman also invited Funk to social outings and she eventually found more friends to
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Funk mentions that the majority of students in her organization are pre-nursing majors. In the future, Christina Funk would like her organization to be more involved with other organizations. She would like every mentee in her organization to have a mentor. As the membership increases, Funk would like to divide members with different majors into special groups known as packs. By the end of the semester, she would like for the membership to double. Of course, Christina Funk had doubts about her organization. “I was afraid that people wouldn’t be interested and that it would be unbalanced because you need was much mentor as you need pups,” she stated. On the contrary, she has members thanking her because mentors are developing leadership skills and the mentees have way more ease going into

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