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Christine De Pisan was a poet, a women 's right activist and a journalist who was born in 1364 in Venice, Italy. Pisan moved to France at a very young age with her father, who was an Italian scholar named Tommaso di Benvenuto da Pizzano, he was a well-educated scholar and astrologer to the court of Charles V of France. As a well-educated father, Pizzano made sure that his daughter had the best education possible. Christine de Pisan learned Latin, Philosophy, Literature and Sciences known at the medieval age. She received the sort of education that was reserved for men of her class. Christine was married to Étienne du Castel at the age of fifteen. Castel was a member of the French court. The couple enjoyed a relationship with mutual respect and had three children. Castel supported his young intelligent wife and Pisan appreciated his loyalty. At the same year of their marriage, Charles V died and her father lost his position, he later became ill and died in 1385. Christine and her husband took care of her family until Castel 's death in 1389. Catherine had to shoulder her husband 's debts, support her mother and her niece, and take care of…show more content…
After Christine 's children grew up, they became independent from her, and she was able to study along with her writing. Christine 's writings were mainly regarding the question of equality between both sexes and women 's rights. However, these writings were so different from writings of her time, especially because she is a woman. Christine is the one to introduce the writings of Dante to the French, and her work The Fayttes of Armes is based on her reading of Vegetius who was a writer of ancient Rome. Christine 's writings, in their various forms, discuss many feminist topics such as women 's oppression, the lack of education for women, societal behaviours towards women, combating a misogynistic society, women 's rights and accomplishments, and visions of more equal world between men

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