Christine Mitchell Essay: When Living Is A Fate Worse Than Death

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Christine Mitchell Response Essay Imagine being responsible for the life of an infant child. You could either cause excruciating pain to this infant in order to keep he/she alive for a little longer or you could simply let this infant pass away. What would you choose? Christine Mitchell outlines this dilemma in her article, "When Living is a Fate Worse than Death," about an instance in which she faced the hardships of seeing a young, terminally ill girl kept alive by any means necessary, including painful and bitter procedures. This article strongly argues how sometimes what is best for a young, terminally ill child is not to keep him/her alive through any means necessary, rather to just let them go and pass on peacefully in the arms of loved ones. "When Living is a Fate Worse than Death" describes in detail the dilemma faced…show more content…
Throughout reading this argument I could not stop thinking about what the parents might be going through to see their dying daughter be poked and prodded like the way she was and how they felt to hear the doctors and nurses say there was nothing they could do. To hear that as a parent must be the worst thing to go through. However, the author decides to not include the feelings of the parents into her article and I feel that it might not be fair to portray the young couple as villains who did not care what their daughter was going through while they might have just been thinking that they did not want to lose her. I understand that they might have not been willing to participate in talking to a hospital ethicist after their daughter had passed on, but to even have a glimpse into the thought process of the parents really could have taken this article to the next level, in my
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