Christine Mitchell When Living Is Worse Than Death Summary

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Being a Doctor is one of the most arduous job there is. It involves having to make tough life and death decisions, but what happens when the best course of action that the doctors see is to just let the patient die, if only to spare them the pain of living. In the article “When Living Is Worse Than Death” by Christine Mitchell this topic is talked about using the case of a terminally ill child and how her parents wanted to keep her alive through any means necessary despite the medical teams advisements. This article does raise some good points about the morality of letting patients die without having to go though needless suffering with no hope of recovery , however it only shows the one viewpoint and as such lacks strong enough evidence to make a solid argument.
“When Living Is a Fate Worse Than Death” by Christine Mitchell is about a child named Charlotte who was born missing most of her brain cells,a condition which meant
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Based on what the author wrote, the choice to let the child die and avoid needless pain seems the most logical and merciful choice. Now don't get me wrong I agree with this point for the most part, however I can understand the parents reasoning. One of the worst things in life is losing a loved one and I can't even begin the pain of that loved one being your own child. What they did can be seen as inhumane, keeping a child alive despite the advisement of her doctors. That viewpoint is very clearly shown in this article, but in complex issues of morality like this it is so rarely that simple and this article fails to illustrate that or ever use other sources of evidenceto help prove her own
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