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Christine Sinclair is one of the best women’s soccer players in the entire world. After fifteen years of playing international soccer with team Canada, Christine has left her mark on the world of soccer and has definitely made the game a lot better for future generations of girls to come. Christine is the definition of a natural born leader. She has been Canada’s number one player and captain for many years, and has lead to her team to multiple victories on the world stage, one being a bronze medal at the 2012 summer Olympics in France. Christine Sinclair is a leader because she is inspirational, modest, and talented. First of all, Christine Sinclair is extremely inspirational. It goes without question that Christine has inspired thousands upon thousands of young girls to pursue careers in soccer because of her…show more content…
It is known that Sinclair is a humble leader, usually avoiding the spotlight. Her coach, John Herdman says that he thinks the best leaders are the ones that do not speak much, but are listened to when they do because it does not happen often. This applies directly to Sinclair because she takes more to the style of leadership in which you lead by example, rather than with words. In spite of being the face of Canadian soccer, Christine likes to avidly avoid the spotlight, not because she is shy, but because she thinks her teammates deserve more of it. During interviews, she almost always turns the attention to her teammates and gives them the attention they deserve. In an interview with The Vancouver Sun, she said, “I’d rather be behind the scenes ... some of my teammates are the most outgoing people you’d ever meet. They’re incredible with it (the media attention)” (The Vancouver Sun). When Sinclair said this, she proved that she wants her teammates to be recognized and get media attention for things both on and off the pitch. All in all, Christine Sinclair is very modest when it comes to being in the

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