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Who is Christine?
Christine Paolilla an American woman was diagnosed with alopecia a disease. Therefore, it caused her hair loss. She was forced to wear wigs. When she was in school she got bullied as a teen because she had to wear a wig to school. In 2003, she got into a relationship with Christopher Snider. Snider was disapproved by Christine 's mother and stepfather as well as two of her friends Tiffany Rowell and Rachael Koloroutis. Snider was disapproved because of various arrests and frequent drug use. Therefore, while being with Snider, Christine started using drugs along with Snider. On July 18, 2003 in Clear Lake City, Texas Mrs. Paolilla and Mr. Snider made plans to go to Tiffany Rowell’s home where Rachael Koloroutis, Rowell’s boyfriend
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It is something with blood on it that is moving, such as a victim or a blood-stained weapon. Low-velocity spatter is caused by gravity, such as dripping blood. It is the force of how the blood was dripping and hitting a surface is between 4 and 8mm. Medium-velocity spatter is caused by a blunt force. It is someone getting beaten with a butt of a gun, hammer, bat, etc. The force of the blood hitting a surface is between 5 and 10 feet per second. The way the blood is on the floor or wall is more of a spray. High-velocity spatter is caused by a gunshot. The force of the blood hitting a surface is more than 100 feet per second. The pattern of the blood after a shot is a fine spray. Each and every tiny droplet of blood pattern is less than 1mm in…show more content…
Nicotine, yeah it 's smoking a cigarette and or dipping but why would you want to take the chance and ruin some of your life and or body. Smoking cigarettes takes your lungs away so therefore it 's taking your life away. Dipping, that 's taking another part of your body away. Your lip, it will eventually go away. Why would you want that? Alcohol, thats damaging your brain. Its taking your brain cells and killing them. And killing people. How is it killing people? Drinking and driving it causes wrecks and that takes the chance in you getting killed or someone else. Marijuana, why would you want to smoke that? It 's illegal and kills your brain cells as well. It causes some people to go crazy and most people are addicted to the stuff. Don 't do

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