Christler It Company Swot Analysis

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Executive Summary
This Consultancy Report is based on the analysis of the operations of Christler IT Company which is passing through some operational issues. The Consultancy Project is aiming to address the following aspects:
Identify and evaluate available options to cope with the changes that are required in the operational process of the Christler IT Company which are not only practicable but sustainable as well.
Identify and Develop the new operational plan which would be based on the resources available to execute by Christler IT Company
Development of a framework and operational plan which would act as a guideline for the management of Christler IT Company in such a way that it would emerge as one of effective organisations
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Upon the detailed analysis, it has been very much clear that organisation is full of weaknesses and threats which can be very difficult to address early. One of the major weaknesses of the organisation is the absence of training and development programs which has been felt since recruitment of some inexperienced people by human resource department. This is a threat to competitiveness of organisation because it would take time to get the new people trained and work in an effective way for organisation. The operations of the organisation are full of flaws and loopholes that are playing the key role in loosing market shares and it is also a threat that organisation would lose its rank further with the continuity of such operations. The system of the organisation is also obsolete which is also a matter of focus for the organisation because it is neither user friendly nor it is up-to-date. These are the severe weaknesses of the organisation and linked with the threats which would dilute the vision of organisation. The major threat to which Christler IT Company is exposed to is about the new entrants who are entering the market with advanced approach and more investment. Organisation does not have enough strengths to eliminate this threat because it is facing plenty of issues already. Moreover, it has the only strength left which is about its established brand image and few public recommendations left. Once this is reduced then there would not be chances for organisation to survive in market. This also shows that competitiveness of the Christler IT Company is a questionable thing and it is not possible to stay competitive with on-going processes and

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