Christmas Carol Compare And Contrast Essay

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Compare and Contrast

Christmas Carol Book VS. Christmas Carol Movie

Are you into the Christmas spirit where everyone is enjoying their time with their family, then the Christmas carol is the right book for you. Today I am going to be discussing about the similarities and the differences between the book and the movie, in the book and the movie Scrooge was the main character they both had the part where Scrooge had an argument with his Nephew. In the movie and the book they had the same types of lessons learned. The difference is that in the movie Scrooge had a dog while in the book, it never mentions that Scrooge had a dog. Another difference is that in the Christmas Carol movie they sang while in the book they never sang. Another difference is that Scrooge said he will double
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Now let talk about another similarity they both had the part when Scrooge had an argument with his Nephew at the beginning of the book so his. Nephew asked him to come over for Christmas but then Scrooge tried to tell his Nephew Fred that Christmas has no value, but Fred refused and tried to get his uncle to realize the value of Christmas so, then Scrooge told him you celebrate the holiday in you’re way let me celebrate in my way. But then they had a little argument before Scrooge sent his nephew out of his house. Also the most similar thing is that both of the book and the movie had the same lesson learned Scrooge learn how to honor Christmas and he learned the value of Christmas and he learned about the mistake he made. He also learned that money doesn’t get you everything, and money is not everything and that having a family is the best gift you can have. Making the movie and the book similar is a really good idea because if the book and movie had a lot of difference then the reader would be
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