Christmas Carol Research Paper

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It is Christmas time! A time where families come from all around the world. I mean from all around the world from Mexico to Texas. I heard that the Christmas carol is the best movie to watch on Christmas. The Christmas carol is about the old guy that does not like Christmas, but his partner said that three Ghosts are going to meet him. one ghost will be past, present , and future. The future ghost is what I think that it was the most influential ghost. The first ghost that met him was the past. The spirit of the past just showed scrooge his family and his sisters and brothers. His sisters died, scrooge thought that the ghost from the past was bad, but he was really nice. The spirit of the past just wanted to show scrooge how bad and…show more content…
The present ghost showed scrooge around the city, showing his senses of festivity and also deprivation that are happening as they watch, sprinkling a little warmth from his torch as he travels. Among the visits are scrooge's nephew and his family. The spirit also shows a vision of Tiny Tim's crutch carefully by the fireplace. When scrooge saw Tiny Tim he asked the ghost if he would die. After the spirit finished talking. Scrooge begged and beg not to show no more. The present spirit said, "You still do not get it I guess you have to learn the hard way." So now here comes the future ghost. Last but not least the future ghost. The future showed scrooge when he died. When scrooge died now one was there not even a fly at his funeral. After, his death every one was talking about it. They were all laughing at his death. When scrooge saw his death. He started to cry and beg not show no more. the future ghost showed scrooge that only Jacob his partner was supporting his death. We all know that the future ghost helped him like Christmas. So on the movie showed that he was happy and he was jumping up and down. Saying that he loves Christmas and that he will never hate it again. We all learn that we should love Christmas and celebrate it with
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