Christmas Carol Scrooge Character Analysis

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Christmas Carol was written by Charles Dickens. In which Ebenezer Scrooge takes us through 19th century London. Scrooge’s only friend, Marley, died seven years ago leaving him to be a grumpy old man. Scrooge is a tight wound person who doesn’t share much with anybody. Although when Marley visits him through the spirits and brings with him the Ghost of Christmas past, The Ghost of Christmas Present, and the Ghost of Christmas Future, many changes begin to boil. The settings that surrounds Scrooge throughout A Christmas Carol give a timeline to the changing personality of Scrooge starting with his neglected past, continuing with his gloomy present self, and finally with his possible murky future. Through Scrooge’s past one can see reasoning behind his attitude towards life. Along with this family issues and neglect are apparent. We see this through description of places where he spent a great deal of time, “Approached a mansion of dull red brick.” the mansion referred to is a school house where Scrooge attended. The mansion’s dull color emphasizes Scrooge’s dullness of character and his unwelcoming self. Again we read, “A solitary child neglected by his friends, is left there, still”, throughout this proves that Scrooge is still neglected due to his attitude and situation. Although at least in his past it seems like he is trying, unfortunately all of this loneliness leads him to turn into a man that no one wants to be around.…show more content…
We know this first by his actions and words and second we can read it based on the setting, “The pavement smoked as if its stones were cooking too” (pg,35). This shows that he is changing because his surroundings are “cooking “and when something is cooking it is transforming and changing. Scrooge is starting to change, but it is not until he sees what his future will be like if he doesn’t that he realizes how important those changes
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