The Three Spirits In Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

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Christmas Carol, a book written by Charles Dickens and first published in the late nineteenth century, was about a story of a miserable businessman named Scrooge Ebenezer who visited by the spirit of his former business partner, Jacob Marley on the day of Christmas Eve. Marley hoped to free Scrooge from sharing the same fate as himself by informing Scrooge the visitation of three spirits which are The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present and The Ghost of Yet to come. Individual ghosts showed Scrooge his past and prophet of what might happen if he does not change himself. After the visit of the three spirits, he redeemed himself from a cold-hearted and tight-fisted man to a charitableness one. One of the three spirits that can be implied as the most important one that led to Scrooge transformation in his behavior and perspective about the current world that he was living in is The Ghost of Christmas…show more content…
Before the encountered with The Ghost of Christmas Yet to come, Scrooge was a selfish and tight-fisted businessman, but after being lectured by the three spirits especially by the Spirit of Christmas Future. Being terrified by the specter, Scrooge had sworn to become a better man and willing to help those in need by providing money to help them. As mentioned in the story, after experienced a fearful moment that the Spirit had shown him, Scrooge started to change his behavior toward other people which made they think weirdly of him because the sudden change in appearance; furthermore, He gave additional money to Bob to support his family especially in order to help Bob’s son, Tiny Tim from his disease and Scrooge was treated like a second father by Tiny Tim. Therefore, in my opinion, The Ghost of Christmas is the most important spirit of the three that led to the change in the behavior of
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