Christmas Coke Ad Analysis

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The second ad I will discuss is one we all know and love it is the Christmas Coke advert. When this ad returns to our TVs every year we know it really must be coming close to Christmas. Coke being one the #1 selling soft drink brands in the world did not get here by chance they have used ingenious marketing strategies for over a century. Coke continues to brand itself as a delicious and fun brand with many different campaigns throughout the years such as ‘Share a Coke’ and ‘Open Happiness’. The brand focuses on the idea of bringing people together to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. It has always grabbed the attention of the public by having distinctive features that have remained the same for decades such as the colour red, it’s distinctly…show more content…
It seems to make an effort in portraying the product as something that should be shared with family and friends because of its consistent and great taste expected to bring joy to whoever drinks it. However many tests throughout the years have suggested how unhealthy he soft drink is for people, with the massive amounts of chemicals and sugar. Shockingly Coke has even been used as a cleaning product for homes and cars. The question here is whether the public should actually be sharing this product with their families and friends for fear of what it is doing to their health. Although the brand prides itself on having an unchanged logo and product it will have to concentrate more on the other products that have been released by the brand such as DietCoke and CokeZero. The only thing the brand can really be criticised for is the imbalance of their marketing campaigns as they focus more on the original Coke product instead of trying to promote the more healthy options they have available. The brand has in fact promised to incorporate more of the other brands in their campaigns which was evident in recent years as they
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