Christmas Eve Research Paper

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Christmas Eve: is celebrated during the entire day before Christmas Day, even though the name implies an evening celebration only, in anticipation of the glorious day.
This is the only holiday that has a pre-celebration day, but why? It is the holiday that follows the tradition of Jewish celebrations that begin from sun down of the previous day to sunset of the following day, an inheritance from Jewish tradition. This practice is based on the story of Creation in the Book of Genesis: "And there was evening, and there was morning – the first day." This arrangement for the Christmas is shadowed by Jewish Festivals throughout the entire year. It’s uncanny why this formation is reserved for Christmas.
Christians tradition hold true to the fact that Jesus was born at night according to Luke 2:6-8; therefore, the mass that was created by the Roman Empire, called Midnight Mass, was also celebrated at night, more likely at midnight. The strong possibility of a “night” birth seemed more probable when the eve was correlated with such songs as “Oh, Holy Night” and "Silent Night, Holy Night". We just don’t know which night.
Christmas Day: Like,
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This is an indicator that we are far off, in time, with the celebration of the birth of Jesus, but surprisingly come closer to the minor festival, Hanukkah. The major prophetic themes of Sukkot are the Messianic Kingdom and the appointed time of birth for the Messiah, Jesus, (Luke 2:10-11), the prophetic theme of Hanukkah is the dedication of the Temple , the past miraculous protection against their enemies that gave them victory and supernatural blessing when one container of olive oil burned in the Temple for eight days – also known as the Festival of Lights, and the future protection of Israel in the wilderness. It was on Sukkot that the Lord declared Himself the Light of the
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