Christmas Eve Myths

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The story of how Santa started giving gifts on Christmas Eve begins, as do many stories of legends, heroes, and myths from history do It starts a long, time ago in a small mountain village in a far, far away country. In the spring and summer, the little village is surrounded by a vibrant green forest full of animal life, wildflowers, and birds. In the late fall and winter, the mountain, village, and the forest are covered with sparkling white snow. People now skate on the lake, where a few weeks ago, they were fishing, while others glide down the mountain on sleds and skis. Kris Kringle, is a short man with snow white hair and a big tummy, has a friendly smile that peeks out between his white mustache and his long white beard.…show more content…
It seems that they both have the same idea at the same time. Turning to walk home, the back of their hands brushed against each other. Without looking their finger intertwined and they were holding hands, walking a little faster pace than before. Staying close to home in the cold winter months, as do most of the older people of the village, Kris spends the time working on his hobby. Whittling, carving and making things out of wood from trees he harvested for their forest he is sure to always have ample supply. Saving the scraps and shavings to help heat their house, there is little or no loss. . Animals and birds are his favorite subject, but he also makes miniature wagons, coaches, sleds and some weapons like swords and shields. Painting the dolls, or little people as Kris call them, is something Martha chooses to do. Although some of the dolls are painted to appear as if they are wearing clothes, she likes to make dresses for the girl dolls. Using a cotton ball or wool for hair she applies it after she has painted their rosy red cheeks and smiling lips. Kris and his wife have been whittling and painting for so many winters they have lined the rooms in their house with shelves to display the things they make. Each of the shelves is loaded with the toys, as they call…show more content…
“The families will celebrate with an evening feast and will be fast asleep when we deliver the gifts. Wrapping and labeling the gifts they will deliver Kris looked at Martha and said. I’m excited about this, how about you?” “I am too,” she said putting another present in the large cloth bag they will use to carry the gifts. Christmas morning, after the gifts were delivered, the little church is full of people wanting to give thanks. With so many excited and happy children in the congregation, showing and sharing their toys, the church is noisier than usual. The parents, although glad that the children had something new to play with, are puzzled as to who and why they were left. “Does anyone know who left the gifts, and why on Christmas Eve?” one of the mothers asked. Standing on the dais, the pastor held his hand 's up in the air. “Please,” he said. “Please, everyone take a seat and be quiet for a few minutes.” As the congregation took their seats, the pastor can see the children in the aisles playing with their new toys. Walking over to stand behind the podium, he puts both hands behind his back. Crossing his right hand over his left and then crossed his finger on both hands. As he looked over the crowd, he crossed his legs at the ankles putting his right leg behind his left one. “Many of you have questioned

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