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Title: Top 20 DIY Gifts for Your Girlfriend | Christmas is Coming
The season of giving and sharing is about to come and it’s every girl’s desire to have those special and surprising gifts. Of course, not only children are expecting for Christmas gifts from their loved one’s right? Adult one’s are also on the chase to compete with the little ones. Though it sounds funny but also young couples and married couples are on the rank when it comes to finding special gifts. It can be a bit tougher for guys to think of something than can be a best gift for your girlfriend’s right? So, I made a list of the DIY Christmas special gifts for her:

1. Mani-Pedi in a jar
Getting into their nails are girl’s ultimate favorites. Keeping them in good shape,
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Ipod for Her
These would be for all the women out there who loves music and who had with them an iPod or an MP3 gadgets. Give them a case holder to keep their gadget safe from falling and a bit of style to add on.
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13. Fancy that Clipboard
It can be useful for your girlfriend who goes to school or work in the office.
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14. Handmade knitted Christmas slippers
Try to sort out something new by giving her a stylish pair of cute slippers. It’s inexpensive and simple to design. She will surely love it every time she wear those cute slippers hand crafted by you.
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15. Dazzle a scent
Perfumes and a fresh new scent for a perfect holiday is what your girlfriend needs. It’s time to wrap her with a new and refreshing scent for Christmas.
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16. Coffee lover
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Bunch of chocolate cake
I agree with it that all girls really love chocolate. It’s about time to give her that gigantic chocolate pattern cake with different brands that she mostly like to eat. It’s quite expensive but a bit fun for her once she have it. 
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18. Vouchers baby
Your girlfriend need some new stuff to enjoy on right? So, she deserves to have that shopping vouchers she wants. Bought her some vouchers where she can buy new clothes, pants, make ups or hair salon.
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19. Our story book
Be the real you. Be the real boyfriend your girlfriend wants. Be the sweetest yet true person to her this coming Christmas. Make a beautiful story of how both of you met each other and how love has grown between the two of you. Try to classify them out by the use of a simple notebook, colors and a pen. 
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