Christmas: My Favorite Holiday

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People always ask me the following “What do you do during Christmas?” Annually I have the privilege of traveling to Malta and visit the following: Aunts, uncles, cousins and finally my grandparents. This trip is annually because it is my grandpa’s birthday, which is on Christmas-Eve. Aside from traveling to Malta I have also traveled to Sidney on Christmas to celebrate with my mom’s side of the family. I always appreciate spending Christmas at home with my family in the calm, quiet environment of my home. But contrary to that, there are some reasons why Christmas is my favorite holiday overall. The most cherishable part about Christmas is not the gifts, but being with family. Many times I am able to visit both sides of my family during Christmas. My Christmas in Malta is alot like this. Every year when my family and I travel to Malta we always stop by my grandma and grandpa’s house, to visit with them before heading to my aunt’s house for Christmas dinner; she always prepares shrimp and pasta for all of my family to eat. After dinner my aunt would also provide ice cream for dessert which was the best. Once we are all stuffed full of food, my family would migrate to the living room and open presents. Later on Santa would come inside and deliver his presents to everyone. At one point we would go out to Stretches for pizza. One tradition my cousins and I had while the pizza was being made, was we would get quarters from our parents and go play arcade games and eight ball pool

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