Christmas On Primrose Hill Book Report

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The holidays are one of my favourite times of the year, thus it’s only fitting that Im always in search of an excellent holiday themed read. Karen Swan’s Christmas on Primrose Hill was one of those books that I truly wanted to fall in love with however it wasn’t meant to be I guess.

Christmas on Primrose Hill introduces us to Nettie Watson who by becomes an online sensation after her unexpected and humiliating fall is caught on air. As a result, she also catches the interest and ¬¬¬¬attention of Jamie Westlake, an extremely musician. The premise makes for a book that has several fun hijinks as Nettie tries to hide her identity as the “Blue Bunny Girl” from the public. Additionally, I enjoyed the community feel of the book especially the moment
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Other things that I didn’t enjoy was how particularly near the beginning it felt like Nettie was constantly being forced to do things that she wasn’t comfortable with by the people who were supposed to be her friends. In fact for most of the book it felt like only Dan and her father were truly on her side and cared about what was best for her. And while the end result was a mostly happy ending for all, considering the situations that Nettie found herself in it could’ve at any point in time gone extremely wrong and she could have been in serious trouble. Another thing I wasn’t fond of was the relationship between Nettie and Jamie. It had extremely superficial roots and while there were some sweet moments between the two of them, I find it difficult to believe that they could last. Although I’ll admit that I’m probably biased as in the end I don’t think Jamie fully redeemed himself after the way he treated Nettie over a misunderstanding. He took things a bit too far and really hurt an already emotionally injured Nettie. And even though he did provide an explanation for his actions, I felt that his reaction was disproportionate retribution to the situation.

Overall I felt Christmas on Primrose Hill attempted to tell too many stories in one book which resulted in a novel that felt too long and often dragged at some parts. Furthermore I thought the book ended in a manner that was a bit abrupt and
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