Christmas Rhetorical Analysis

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Subject: I wrote about Christmas this year because I love Christmas and didn’t realize how close it was until I began writing this piece. I also wanted to discover why I didn’t feel the Christmas spirit this year.
Speaker: I am the speaker in this piece and I speak from a typical high schooler’s perspective. I aim to be relatable while also getting my point across.
Occasion: I was prompted to write about this topic while staring at my mini Christmas tree and surrounding Christmas decorations.
Audience: My intended audience is my peers, for I think my piece is something they can relate to and connect with. Their favorite holiday, if they have one, may or may not be Christmas, therefore I did not assume that they too absolutely love Christmas.
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In addition, I wanted to highlight the ways in which college applications make it more difficult to just enjoy life and relax. I’m hoping this piece evokes some laughter and makes my readers eager for Christmas to arrive.
Writing Mode: Explanatory
Text Type: Blog
Style: In order to connect with my audience, I speak from the first person point of view, for it allows me to speak directly to them. I also chose to write from the first person point of view because it makes my piece much more informal and fun to read. I also ask the rhetorical question, “who am I?” amidst the two sincere questions in my piece to mix the structure up a bit and hopefully make my audience chuckle a bit. Finally, I use repetition to emphasize how much I value breaks when I state, “without school breaks, I would never stop going and going and going and going and going and…” This repetition makes my point very clear while also maintaining my informal
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