Christmas: The Christmas Time Of The Year

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Christmas as one of the most popular holidays in the year is celebrated by Christians worldwide but is open to everyone. The Christmas time of the year is thought of as the season of gift giving and kindness to all. During the month, people often do more charity work and selfless acts. In the USA, Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December although it is different to some other countries. For instance churches who use the ‘Julian calendar’ celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January. It is typical for businesses and public facilities to all close during Christmas day, as people would usually spend the day surrounded by family members and close friends. Schools would normally close during this season. Santa Clause (aka Father Christmas), the legendary large bellied, white bearded old man, is the most famous figure of the holiday. Usually children (mostly in the USA) who celebrate this event are raised to believe in Santa Clause as someone who comes inside their house on Christmas Eve (December 24) and night through the chimney and leave presents under the Christmas tree for them. The idea of a bright red clothed man, who lives in the North Pole with elves, dates back to the third century based upon a generous Saint Nicholas who devoted his life to helping the needy. According to annual tradition, children leave out cookies and milk at night for Santa to eat as he visits with a sack of gifts over his shoulder. Even after St. Nicholas’s death, children around the world

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