Christmas Traditions In Mexico Research

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Christmas Traditions are important to a lot of family’s. People have so many traditions big and small. Yet not all of them are the same, they’re are popular one’s and one’s that people make up. We have so many ones around the world. Here is what Christmas traditions are like in Mexico compared to what my family does.

In Mexico things are a lot different that what my family does. We would usually celebrate Christmas December 25 right, well in Mexico they celebrate it from December 12, January 6. From December 16th through Christmas Eve children would perform what is called Posada, or inn in English. This symbolizes when Joseph and Mary were look for a place to stay called an inn. They play games also like I do it’s just that they play different games. They play a game called posada party which is a pinata like we do for party’s. Christmas Eve the go to a night church service after that they plow off fireworks! It would be really exciting to live in
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One of their similarities is something that everyone does, decorate the decorate their home just like we do. Another big thing that we have in common is how the little kids get their presents, who goes all around the world you have heard it before it’s Santa Claus. They also do the same thing that we spend Christmas for, they spend time with family and celebrating the Birth of Jesus. Like a lot of people say that is really what Christmas is all about.

Christmas all around the world could be completely different but they also have their similarities. Mexico and the U.S. are really close together but we still have our differences! They do sorta have similarities in our traditions somehow. For example both countries celebrate Christmas on the same day, yet they have it a longer date than we do. One of my favorite part of the similarities is that we never change the word Merry Christmas. So I say to you Merry Christmas or in Mexico Feliz
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