Christmas Tree Short Story

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Christmas tree

"Wake up, wake up! Today is Christmas day!"said new T-200 home robot. "Today is december 25, sunny day, it is perfect weather to....."the robot said with female human voice. But no one responded. Suddenly, a little boy with blue pajamas got up straightly, unlike the lazy face he had yesterday, his eyes were full of energy ,just like a blue crystal dazzling in the dimmed room. He got up immediately without wearing his shoes, he rushed out of his room, he opened his parents ' bedroom 's door and he was astonished, "where is my dad and mom?"He thought. At ths time he was wondering, the door of the house opned a little bit, and a dozen of people crept into the house, without any signs, and the home robot
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"Merry Christmas!" the shadows shouted. "It 's me, your grandpa, my little gustaf, look at you!"said that shadow worn as the Santa Claus. The shadow which called himself grandpa held Gustaf in his arms and looked at him warmly. Gustaf was surprised,he said ,"Grandpa , grandma, aunt !dad ,mom,where are just now? Hi, my angle, you came here too? "Then he got on the ground and fumbled his sister 's hair. His sister 'face was red, maybe due to her brother 's praise ,maybe due to the cold weather outside. She said with her dazzling eyes shining," I came with my mom, my mom told me to have Christmas Day with my aunt, your mother." Little Gustaf was shocked so that he couldn 't say any words. He almost cried because his entire family were spreadout the country. It 's really hard to gather together, last year, he had a good Christmas Day with his own family, it was fun, but he always felt like there must be something that lost, the feeling was not so comfortable. But now everything was on the right track. After the "guests" took off their package, they went to the shopping mall in the downtown, on the way to downtown, Gustaf was very talkable. "Hi, Sunny, my sister, what about your grade at…show more content…
He turned to look at his family while he shouted,"Mom !Dad! This snowing outside!" Dad stopping watching TV, and his mom stopped cooking. Their entire family gathered together beside the window, the snow was flying gently. Wind just like frozen, and Gustaf was really happy and a little shy, he wanted time to stop here, forever. Gustaf 's uncle broke the silence first,"Hi, you know what, I brought some fireworks from China, yeah!" Gustaf was shocked," You .. YOU mean you brought firework? The thing that explored in the sky? Uncle nodded," Yeah, one year ago ,I went to China to see the Maple Leaf University Fair. Though people now seldomly go to university." Gustaf 's father said,"Yeah, now,students were totally different from what we did in the past, we went aboard to further study, but they only need to implant a chip in their brain, and they are update new knowlege everywhere." Uncle sighed ,but then he said , ' 'WHAT ARE WE DOING? Gustaf follow me ,let 's take firework from the garage. Then Gustaf followed his uncle to garage and took out several huge box of firework, and they put fireworks out of one box and they placedx the fireworks in a row and they took out a lighter and wanted to display one of them , but he stppped abruptly, and fired a cigarette, passed cigarette to Gustaf, said ' '
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