Christofer Drew: Song Analysis

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“In a world of hate, there has to be a light. Be that light and spread some love. Maybe this day, the youth can make a difference. No more hate!” Christofer Drew, the lead singer of the band Never Shout Never, believes that this generation of youth can change the world by spreading love. Not only does this quote display his point of view, but so do many of his songs, specifically the song “Harmony.” In the music video for “Harmony,” Drew utilizes his unique techniques to humorously get his message across to his youthful audience. Christofer Drew’s audience is most obviously the youth; you can see it when looking at who Christofer Drew is, and the type of music he makes. Drew released this song in 2010 when he was only 19 years old. This song is showing his point of view, as part of the youth. Also, if you look at other examples of his songs, you can see that he typically writes songs about young love (“Lovesick”, Can’t Stand It”, and “Trouble”), and how the youth are the ones who need to work to change the world (Hey! We Okay,” “Sellout,” and “Red Balloon”). So, Drew’s general audience would be the teenagers who listen to his music. Also, considering he is a part of Vans’ Warped Tour, you can assume he is trying to write his songs for the thousands of teens who attend.…show more content…
In the music video for “Harmony,” you see many posters up on the walls of the two forbidden lovers. In the salt’s room , you see a poster saying, “Snail Anything ‘ a real bug.’” While in the snail’s room, you see a “Dustin Bee-ber” poster and a “Snail Train” poster. Most people who have posters like these hanging in their room are the youth. While more than just the youth can understand these poster parodies, it is generally the youth, specifically the teens, who are known to understand these, making the music video overall more interesting to the

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