Christopher Boone The Curious Incident

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“The curious incident of the dog in the night-time” a very hard book to understand. Many thinking happen that a person with no knowledge of the background will understand is they just picked out a page and read it. For starters it involves a boy named Christopher John Boone. Christopher is a boy with what seems to be a case of autism. Christopher has little things that bother him and that he doesn 't understand or like, he even gets offended by things that wouldn 't offend the average person. For example , “ I got Siobhan to draw lots of these faces and then write down next to them exactly what they meant. I kept the piece of paper in my pocket and took it out when I didn 't understand what someone was saying. But it was very difficult to decide which of the diagrams was most like the face they were making because people 's faces move very quickly. When I told Siobhan that I was doing this, she got out a pencil and another piece of paper and said it…show more content…
Christopher has think idea about his mom that he finds out shortly in the story that wasn 't true. He has the idea that his mother is dead and died in the hospital from being sick. He doesn 't think much about this, he doesn 't really seem concerned or really even sad. Later on he finds out that his mother and his neighbors husband had an affair and that she didn 't die she just left his father. when he find out about this he still doesn 't think much of the emotional part of what 's going on, he just wants to figure out the mystery of who killed wellington. You would think that he would get at least a little emotional hearing about his parents but disturbingly he doesn 't. He doesn 't show a normal reaction like the average would hearing the news he heard. A average kid hearing this new might cry or yell or even scream, or they might pretend to be ok but eventually they crack and break down but not christopher he acted as if it didn 't effect him at all as if he had no heart and couldn 't care about
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