Compare And Contrast Christopher Columbus And Charles Lindbergh

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Did you know that Christopher Columbus never really set out to find out if the world was round? Or that Charles Lindbergh wasn 't the first to make a transatlantic flight? In all actuality Christopher Columbus initially went out to find a new route to Asia. While Charles Lindbergh was the first solo pilot to make a transatlantic flight. The two men are prime examples of surpassing even their own expectations.
Christopher Columbus is known to be the one who established America, although his intention was to find a direct water route west from Europe to Asia. He didn 't technically “discover” America, for millions had already inhabited the land. When Columbus returned to the Americas he left his brothers Bartolomeo and Diego to rebuild the Hispaniola settlement, leaving with them crew members and native slaves. Columbus took native slaves of his own when he sailed west to continue his search for gold and treasures. During Columbus’s third trek he returned to the settlement in Hispaniola to find that the colonist had revolted against the atrocity of the leaders, and Spanish authorities to send a new governor to take over. Columbus
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Foremost, they were both voyagers who went on extensive journeys to foreign whereabouts. Another similarity would be that neither of them was the “first”. Lindbergh was only first to have traveled solo, there were others to travel the voyage ahead of him. While Christopher Columbus may be known to have founded America, there have been many others ahead of him.
They may have both been voyagers, but being as their trips were both 400 years apart, there were countless discrepancies. There were no planes or any other approaches to travel in the 1400s. There were many new discoveries and inventions to help Lindbergh on his expedition, such as planes and navigation tools. Things were far more advanced in the 1900’s than in the
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