How Did Christopher Columbus Successful

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“Following the light of the sun, we left the old world.” (Christopher Columbus) Christopher Columbus has found what he believes is an alternate route to Asia. Christopher Columbus was born before October 31, 1451 to the parents Domenico Colombo who was a wool weaver, and Christopher’s mother Susanna Fontanarossa. Christopher had three brothers Bartolomeo, Giovanni Pellegrino, and Giacomo. Bartolomeo worked in a cartography workshop. Christopher also had one sister, her name was Bianchinetta. Christopher’s went on his first voyage on the Atlantic in 1476, this voyage nearly cost him his own life. Christopher was attacked by the French on his voyage, his whole ship was burned so he was forced to swim to the Portuguese shore. He eventually…show more content…
In July the same year 1498, Christopher landed on the island known as Trinidad. The next month christopher explored the gulf of Paria and then finally touched South America. One of christopher biggest achievements in life was discovering the island of Hispaniola. Since he discovered the island of Hispaniola, it led to the beginning of the Spanish colonization. Christopher’s final voyage he convinced king ferdinand that if he went on one last voyage it would bring riches so the king was convinced and let him go on his last voyage. During his last voyage in 1502 one of Christopher’s ships was lost in a storm. So Christopher and his men were stranded on the island of Cuba, until they were brought back to Spain, in November 1504. In the two last remaining years of Christopher’s life he gained some riches as he said he would. But he struggled to claim some of his lost titles, they were never returned. Christopher died on May 20, 1506, Christopher died still believing he founded a shorter route to Asia. Although he did a good job at what he did, he failed to do what he set out to do. What he set out to do was to find a shorter route to Asia and all of the riches that would bring to
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